Bondi Home Ranch

Bondi Home Ranch

Varietals Planted

Pinot Noir

Soil information


Soil Characteristics

Loam, Clay




115, 828, 777, 667


23 Acres

Year Planted


Vineyard History

In the late 1800's Paolo Antoni Bondi left his small stone village high in the green Tuscan mountains of Fivizzano, eventually making his way to the small countryside town of Sebastopol, California. Watertrough Road, which runs along the eastern end of the property, is so named for the horse trough that once sat in the low vale where, 100 years ago, horses pulling buggies stopped to water. Just below this narrow dirt road is where Paolo planted a field of potatoes and in the course of just one year had made enough money to buy the farmhouse and the surrounding acres of apple orchard from his boss. Once settled, Paolo sent money back to Italy so his bride, Gemma, and their 3 year old daughter, Alma, could join him and here they stayed to farm for the remainder of their lives.