Blue Slide Ridge

Blue Slide Ridge

Varietals Planted

Pinot Noir

Soil information

Josephine, Goldridge

Soil Characteristics

Well drained, Clay loam


101-14, 3309


115, 667,777 and X Clone


6 Acres

Year Planted


Vineyard History

Blue Slide Ridge is named for its magnificent formations of blue rock. Directly below the vineyard a sheer cliff drops into the small winding creek, the south fork tributary of the Gualala River, showing off great cerulean shards jutting out from beneath the earth's surface. This vineyard site was nearly named "Rattle Snake Ridge" due to the large population of rattlers that populate the cool hollows beneath the great blue rocks. In 1995 Lee and Carolyn Martinelli planted this 6 acre vineyard of Pinot Noir on a steep slope which was once prime grazing land for sheep. This small vineyard was planted to the specifications of our past winemaker, Helen Turley, and her husband John Wetlaufer.