Bondi Home Ranch

Green Valley

Bondi Home Ranch is where our great grandparents, Gemma & Paulo Bondi, on Lee Sr’s mother’s side came when they immigrated from Italy. Its in the town of Sebastopol, in the Green Valley of Russian River Valley AVA. The Bondi’s bought this property in the 1880s and first planted potatoes on its Gold Ridge Soil, famous for this area. That first crop of potatoes grew over 1 foot long each, allowing the Bondi’s to pay off the mortgage of this property that first year. Later they planted apples on this land. They were apple ranchers for many, many years. Tony Bondi, Lee Sr’s uncle, continued to buy more land and plant apple orchards. He was one of the biggest apple ranchers in Sonoma County at one point. The original house still stands on this property that family members still live in. There are now grapes planted on this property.


Green Valley
Varietals Planted
Pinot Noir
Soil Information
Soil characteristics
Loam, Clay
115, 828, 777, 667
Year Acquired
Year Planted