Charles Ranch Chardonnay 2013



Growing Year Info

The 2013 growing year was the second dry year in a row for us. We had an especially dry spring and it warmed up early, so the vines got an early jump on the season. Bloom came along in early May and the temperatures were perfect for berry pollination. The clusters ended up setting an abundance of berries. We had to do quite a bit of cluster thinning to maintain our desired crop levels and to get some sunlight and air movement into the canopy. Harvest came early as well. Fortunately, we had cooler temps about midway through, which slowed down picking and allowed us to catch up on things - including sleep! Harvest was complete after 7-8 weeks.

Tasting Notes

The 2013 Charles Ranch has yeasty, citrus, and jasmine aromas backed by mineral notes. The texture of the wine is silky with a creamy mid-palate full of citrus flavors including lemon chiffon and Key lime, followed by a crisp finish.


Bryan Kvamme

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