Reserve Vineyard

Reserve Vineyard

Varietals Planted

Pinot Noir

Soil information

Both the original site and where the Reserve Vineyard resides today is Huichicha soil.

Soil Characteristics

Alluvial soil, thick dense clay


Past: St. George, Present: 101-14


Old Davis Clone. Back in the day that this was planted you just asked for the preferred varietal and that is what you got. You want pinot? You got pinot!


Past: Was 42 Acres, though Martinelli only took 8, Present: 7 Acres

Year Planted

First planted in 1972 at original site, then rootstock was planted in "new" location 2009, 2010

Vineyard History

The Windsor Gardens Vineyard where the original Reserve Pinot Noir was planted was a 92 acre vineyard that I leased from a developer in 1989. There were three varietals Gewurztraminer, Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir. In 1989 and into the early 1990's the pinot was very hard to sell. People were just discovering it in the Russian River Valley and I found myself packing the fruit into wooden boxes and selling it to home winemakers in Canada for about $300 to $400 dollars a ton. We began using the pinot grapes and created the first vintage of Martinelli Reserve Pinot Noir in 1995, and by the year 2000 other local wineries were buying the grapes as well. The Reserve Pinot Noir had a significant following, and knowing that the developer that I was leasing the vineyard from was poised and ready with building permits, I decided to put some of the bud wood on root stock on another ranch just South of Windsor Gardens. The developer had already been taking out blocks of vines since the year 2000 and by 2003 we were down to 15 acres total of just Pinot vines, and he was ready to take out the rest of the acreage. So after the buds from 2003 went dormant and before the bull dozers pushed them all into a big pile, I collected a fair amount of them and put them in cold storage. The original Reserve Pinot buds were safely in my possession! They were then budded onto about 350 rootings that I had planted 2 years prior on what is now Moonshine Ranch. These new root stocks with the old Reserve clone first grew only on the fence line at Moonshine Ranch. In 2010, I planted an additional row between each already existing row of Moonshine Pinot, such that now there are two separate vineyards that enclose one another on the same property. Lee Martinelli, Jr.