Giuseppe & Luisa

Giuseppe & Luisa

Varietals Planted


Soil information


Soil Characteristics

Clay, hard-pan


420,101-14, 3309


Jackass Hill and Jackass Vineyard Zinfandel budwood


10 Acres

Year Planted


Vineyard History

The year was 1899 when Giuseppe and Luisa Martinelli planted three acres of Zinfandel in the little town of Forestville nestled in the Russian River Valley. The special site they chose was a very steep slope of 60-degrees with a southeastern exposure. The small vineyard supplied enough wine for the family's home meals and to share with friends at the customary Sunday gatherings held in the nearby groves of Redwood trees. The rich vino also supplemented the family's income from their small farm. The old vineyard is now known as Jackass Hill and remains the steepest non-terraced hillside vineyard in Sonoma County. Nearly one century later Giuseppe and Luisa's grandson, Lee Martinelli Sr., followed in their footsteps by planting a Zinfandel vineyard. The site of the Jackass Hill vineyard is very unique and Lee believed in the great quality of the scion. He grafted budwood from the centurion vines onto devigorating rootstocks and planted them one meter by two meters apart, equating to about 2,000 vines per acre, on a rocky knoll above the Martinelli Winery Tasting Room.